AGUA Natural Mineral Water


Distribution Brand : Azoic Water

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We at Azoic Water believe in thriving our community by providing natural mineral water/ natural alkaline water at your doorstep. Our Usp’s is that we deal in the world-class quality which is high in calcium, bicarbonates, and magnesium that helps in better digestion.
PH 7.35-7.8
TDS 200-240
Calcium 35-50
magnesium 5-17
Nitrate 1-2
Bi-carbonate 170-210
Silica 25-30
Chloride 20-30
Fluoride ND
Bromate ND
Sodium 8-15
Sulfate 3-5
All our bottles are BPA free and have a shelf life of 2 years

1000 ml (12 bottles), 500 ml (24 bottles), 200 ml (24 bottles)


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