World Best Premium Hydrogen Water Bottle.

Azoic Water Presents Hydrogen Water Bottle That Prevents you from major Diseases.  PH value is between 7.3-7.9.  ozone water content is 0.001ppm / m³ .

Bottled WATER

Hydrogen-Rich Water, The More You Drink, The Healthier Secret

Hydrogen can effectively identify harmful free radicals in the human body and it can be produced as long as ordinary water is produced

The Secret Of Hydrogen-Rich Water

  • Easy to absorb – Hydrogen-rich water belongs to small molecular clusters and is easy to drink and penetrate.
  • Strong Affinity – Hydrogen-rich water belongs to harmful potential water and has more affinity with the weak alkaline of the human body fluids.
  • Balance the Body – The Hydrogen water content is rich in active hydrogen making it easier to balance.
Smart Water Bottle


Fresh hydrogen-rich water injected into the body brings more vitality


Hydrogen and oxygen separation technology, intelligent electrolysis, high hydrogen concentration, more suitable for human body
Azoic Smart Bottle


Modern minimalist design, stylish and generous, is the artwork in the cup