Smart Hydrogen Water Bottle


  • Manufacture of hydrogen-rich water: hydrogen content of more than 1200ppb
  • Cup body material: Stainless steel + TRITAN
  • Cup body is anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, high
    temperature resistance, drop resistance,
    easy to clean
  • Lithium battery for cup, long battery life

Hydrogen-Rich Water, The More You Drink, The Healthier Secret.

Hydrogen can effectively identify harmful free radicals in the human body, and it can be produced as long as ordinary water is produced.

Free radicals are also called reactive oxygen species. There are also free radicals in the human body. Free radicals controlled by the human body are beneficial. However, if the human body’s free radicals exceed a certain amount, it will bring aging and diseases to our bodies.

  • Easy to absorb – Hydrogen-rich water belongs to small molecular clusters and is easy to drink and penetrate.
  • Strong Affinity – Hydrogen-rich water belongs to harmful potential water and has more affinity with the weak alkaline of the human body fluids.
  • Balance the Body – The Hydrogen water content is rich in active hydrogen making it easier to balance.

The Harm Of Free Radicals
1. Weaken the cell’s resistance and make the body susceptible to bacterial and germ infections;
2. Produce chemicals that damage cells and form carcinogens;
3. Block the normal development of cells, interfere with their recovery function, and make the cell renewal rate
lower than the withering rate;
4. Destroy the body’s genetic gene (DNA) tissue, disrupts the cell’s operation and regeneration function,
cause gene mutation and evolve into cancer;
5. Destroy mitochondria (energy storage bodies) inside cells, causing oxidative fatigue;
6. Destroy cell membrane, interfere with cell metabolism, make cell membrane lose function of protecting
7. Amino acids are necessary to invade cell tissues and hormones, interfere with the functioning of the body’s
system, cause a vicious cycle, resulting in more free radicals, and its chain reaction can cause free
radicals to harm the entire body;
8. Destroy proteins, destroy enzymes in the body, cause inflammation and aging;
9. Destroys fat, oxidizes lipids, causes atherosclerosis, and causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
10. Destroy carbohydrates, degrade hyaluronic acid, and lead to arthritis.



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